New Espelette Chilli Seeds

The Espelette pepper is from the Basque region of France where it is mainly used to make a bright-red chilli powder to add to soups, stews and many other regional dishes..

Harvest: Pick when the fruits turn red – about 120 days from potting-on.

The plant produces a heavy crop of fruits about 13cm long and 3cm wide on a plant growing to about 50cm. The fruits ripen green to red.

Heat: 4000-6000 Scoville Heat Units.

Included chilli seeds:
Full instructions
An average of 20 seeds per packet.

Included in the Home Growing kit:
Full instructions
Eco-friendly black flexi-grow plant pot
Specially blended compost
(rich in nutrients, drains well while still maintaining moisture)
Chilli seeds
Pot marker and pencil

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Espelette Chilli Seeds

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