New Jalapeno Chilli Seeds

The Jalapeño (Capsicum Annuum) is probably the mostly widely know chilli variety in the world. The chilli gets its name from the town of Jalapa in the Mexican state of Veracruz – although not grown there, it was imported from neighbouring regions and marketed there. In Mexico, only the pickled fruit is called a Jalapeño; the fresh chilli is known as a Cuaresmño.

Heat: Medium.

Included chilli seeds:
Full instructions
An average of 20 seeds per packet.

Included in the Home Growing kit:
Full instructions
Eco-friendly black flexi-grow plant pot
Specially blended compost
(rich in nutrients, drains well while still maintaining moisture)
Chilli seeds
Pot marker and pencil

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Jalapeno Chilli Seeds

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