Chilli Seeds

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Aji Dulce Chilli Seeds

A heatless Habanero. Medium-sized, bushy plant (40cm high) with fruits very similar in look and flav..

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Aji Limon Chilli Seeds

This heavy cropping and easy-to-grow Peruvian variety grows into a large, drooping plant with fruits..

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Anaheim Chilli Seeds

Pick when fully grown – about 65 days from potting-on.Harvest: Pick when fully grown – about 65 days..

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Ancho Poblano Chilli Seeds

This large mild chilli is revered in Mexico and the USA and used extensively in Mexican-style cookin..

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Antillais Caribbean Habanero Chilli Seeds

A large and juicy red Habanero / Scotch Bonnet with extreme heat and fruity flavour. Large (5cm lo..

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Apache F1 hybrid Chilli Seeds

This Sutton Seeds F1 hybrid is a very fast growing, productive plant. This is an ideal plant for gro..

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Bhut Jolokia Chilli Seeds

The first 'Super' chilli! The Bhut Jolokia (A.k.a. Naga Jolokia or Ghost) was officially measured a..

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Big Jim Chilli Seeds

The largest of New Mexican varieties, this chilli has pods up to 30cm long that weigh as much as 100..

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Big Sun Habanero Chilli Seeds

A large, bright-yellow Habanero / Scotch Bonnet with extreme heat and fruity flavour. Large (6cm lon..

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Bolivian Rainbow Chilli Seeds

A very attractive plant with purple foliage and flowers, and cone-shaped fruit in a rainbow of colou..

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Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds

This variety from Bulgaria is well suited to the short North Europe growing season. It produces a go..

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Cherry Bomb Chilli Seeds

This is a hugely popular and versatile chilli that is also very easy to grow. The plant produces an ..

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Chilly Chilli Seeds

This small (20cm high), attractive plant is a riot of bright orange and red with clusters of heatles..

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Corno di Toro Chilli Seeds

The Bull’s Horn. This is a delicious, red sweet pepper. No heat, but a very intense flavour, thick j..

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Espelette Chilli Seeds New

Espelette Chilli Seeds

The Espelette pepper is from the Basque region of France where it is mainly used to make a bright-re..

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