Medium Chilli

Medium Chilli

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Anaheim Chilli Seeds

Pick when fully grown – about 65 days from potting-on.Harvest: Pick when fully grown – about 65 days..

2.49€ Ex Tax: 2.49€

Big Jim Chilli Seeds

The largest of New Mexican varieties, this chilli has pods up to 30cm long that weigh as much as 100..

3.49€ Ex Tax: 3.49€

Cherry Bomb Chilli Seeds

This is a hugely popular and versatile chilli that is also very easy to grow. The plant produces an ..

3.30€ Ex Tax: 3.30€

Espelette Chilli Seeds New

Espelette Chilli Seeds

The Espelette pepper is from the Basque region of France where it is mainly used to make a bright-re..

2.99€ Ex Tax: 2.99€

Fresno Supreme Chilli Seeds New

Fresno Supreme Chilli Seeds

In the USA, this is a very popular general-purpose chilli. The plant produces copious conical-shaped..

2.40€ Ex Tax: 2.40€

Hungarian Hot Wax Chilli Seeds New

Hungarian Hot Wax Chilli Seeds

This plant is amazingly prolific and very easy to grow. The crisp, fleshy fruits are up to 11cm in l..

1.20€ Ex Tax: 1.20€

Jalapeno Chilli Seeds New

Jalapeno Chilli Seeds

The Jalapeño (Capsicum Annuum) is probably the mostly widely know chilli variety in the world. The c..

1.20€ Ex Tax: 1.20€