Mild Chilli

Mild Chilli

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Aji Dulce Chilli Seeds

A heatless Habanero. Medium-sized, bushy plant (40cm high) with fruits very similar in look and flav..

3.99€ Ex Tax: 3.99€

Ancho Poblano Chilli Seeds

This large mild chilli is revered in Mexico and the USA and used extensively in Mexican-style cookin..

2.19€ Ex Tax: 2.19€

Chilly Chilli Seeds

This small (20cm high), attractive plant is a riot of bright orange and red with clusters of heatles..

3.30€ Ex Tax: 3.30€

Corno di Toro Chilli Seeds

The Bull’s Horn. This is a delicious, red sweet pepper. No heat, but a very intense flavour, thick j..

2.40€ Ex Tax: 2.40€